Change of ownership can occur by:

Change in corporate form

  • Acquisition of used terminal
  • New business number

NB! The ownership will always have to be changes when there are changes to the business
number or company registration number and when ordering New PSAM.
See change of ownership form.
To change, you must fill out a transfer form, it can download right here PDF.
Change of Ownership form must be signed to ms-admin-dk@nets.eu or Fax .: 45 76 82 50

Price, ownership incl. PSAM 1,760.12 kr.



If network problems should occur and the payment terminal can not get a online connection to the acquirer,
it may be necessary to force the transaction offline.

During the execution of forced offline transactions, the business should contact their acquirer to check on the used card is valid.
Is the card in order, the acquirer extradite an authorization code that must be entered on the terminal, while carrying out the forced
offline transaction. In this way the business that the card is valid and covered Nets Payment Guarantee.
It is possible for the business to perform forced offline transactions without an authorization code, but then disappears payment guarantee
and the business can thereby risking not to receive money from the transaction, if it turns out that the card is not valid.

Payment terminals from NETS, can perform many different types of transactions.
However, only payment and return - transactions that can be implemented when forced offline is selected.

Not all card types that allow the use of forced offline. If you attempt to perform a forced offline transaction
on a card that does not allow this, the transaction will be declined.

The performance of forced offline transactions will be conducted in different ways depending on the
NETS terminal, the transaction is performed. If the terminal is integrated with a POS system, it is the supplier
of ECR which shall guide the business in how forced offline transactions is performed.