Netaxept terminal options

If you choose to implement Netaxept hosted payment window, first you need to decide whether to use Netaxept’s payment window in two or single page mode. After decided between two or single page mode, you can choose either to use Netaxept’s ready-to-use payment window or customize the payment window, totally or partially.

Netaxept's payment window can be optimised for desktops, mobile apps and tablets. The looks of the payment window changes with number of payment methods available, language chosen and customization done. From this payment window, the customer will also be directed to the possible 3D Secure authentication.


Netaxept payment window in two-page mode

In two-page mode the customer will see first the page where they need to choose the desired payment method. After the desired payment method is selected, the customer is directed to the actual payment window or to the site of the selected payment provider for entering their payment method information.


Netaxept payment window in single page mode

In single page mode the customer is redirected directly to the actual payment window to enter their card information into the corresponding fields, with the different card options shown as small icons above the card number field. After entering the card number the card type will be identified and the correct card type will light up as visual feedback to the customer. To activate single page mode, set "terminalSinglePage" parameter to "True" in the Register call.

Only card payments are supported in the single page mode. If you are implementing other payment methods than card payments in Netaxept, you are not able to use single page payment window. Also it should be noted that single page mode is suitable mainly to desktop based implementations since it is not supported in mobile payment window.


Netaxept payment window in mini layout mode

If wanted, you can minimize the size of the payment window to only cover input fields for a payment card. The minimized version is great to use within the Terminal design templates made by you, in order to give you most of the web page area for your own design. To activate mini payment window mode, set "terminalLayout" parameter to "mini" in the Register call. Read more about mini payment window >