Release notes

In this page, you will find the main enhancements and new features deployed to Netaxept. Besides this, lots of smaller development, bug fixing and maintenance are done in the continuous basis.


Release: 28th of November 2018

  • Credit support on Danske Bank FI direct payments

    • Merchant is able to make full and partial credits via Netaxept for Finnish Danske Bank direct bank payments.


Release: 21st of November 2018

  • Nets in-app SDK

    • Merchant is able to use Nets in-app SDK to integrate payment checkout into their iOS and Android apps and offer their customers a seamless native in-app mobile payment experience.
    • A library that provides the native in-app interactions to accept payments with Netaxept directly from native iOS and Android apps. The perfect integration option if merchant is looking for a simple and quick way to integrate on mobile apps. Read more about Nets in-app SDK >


Release: 3rd of October 2018

  • Credit support on S-Pankki direct payments

    • Merchant is able to make full and partial credits via Netaxept for Finnish S-Pankki direct bank payments.


Release: 5th of September 2018

  • Status query for omnichannel POS transactions

    • Merchant that has omnichannel refund enabled is able to query the status of the POS transaction via Netaxept API and Netaxept Admin.
  • Two level acceptance when crediting payments

    • With this feature, merchant can decide which users are allowed to initiate credits in Netaxept Admin and which users can approve initiated credit requests. When this feature is enabled, one user cannot initiate and complete the credit process by her/himself. 
      • If you want to have this feature enabled for your users, please select the corresponding checkboxes in "Users" tab per user.
  • Powering customer loyalty when shopping online

    • Customers can earn loyalty benefits from their purchases when shopping in webshops, mobile apps or call centre services via Netaxept. For the time being this is merchant specific solution.
  • S-Visa and S-Business cards as new payment methods

    • Merchant is able to offer their customers the possibility to pay their online purchases with S-Visa and S-Business cards in webshops, mobile apps and call centre services via Netaxept.


Release: 25th of April 2018

  • New user levels in Netaxept Admin to maintain users / merchant's settings

    • Merchant can create users who are able to maintain only merchant's users and settings. This makes it possible for the merchant to have for example outsourced company to maintain their users and/or webshop settings on behalf of the merchant without having access to process transactions.
      • "User support" is able to manage users whereas "Service support" is able to manage both users and merchant’s settings. Both user levels have "read only" view to all other pages in Netaxept Admin, for example they cannot process transactions.


Release: 19th of April 2018

  • Portuguese as new terminal language

    • Merchant is able to offer their customers Netaxept payment window in Portuguese by sending the value "pt_PT" in the "Language" parameter in the Terminal section in API Register call.


Release: 12th of April 2018

  • Enterpay as new B-to-B invoice payment method

    • Enterpay is an invoice based payment method for business to business sales which allows the buyer to pay their company purchases with an invoice in eCommerce via Netaxept. Enterpay provides their services in collaboration with Collector Bank and Lindorff.


Release: 18th of January 2018

  • Merchant logo provided during MobilePay payments

    • If merchant has uploaded and activated a terminal logo/image in Netaxept Admin, the same logo will be displayed in the customer’s MobilePay app when they pay with MobilePay.
  • "Save My Card" is no longer checked by default in Swedish payment window

    • "Save My Card" option is no longer checked by default when the customer enters to Swedish payment window hosted by Netaxept.


Release: 13th of December 2017

  • Fee settings adjusted to cover new rules for surcharging

    • According to the EU Payment Services Directive 2 (PSD2), merchants are no longer allowed to charge their customers the card fee when they pay with private credit or debit card issued within the EU/EEA.
    • The following changes have been made in Netaxept’s fee settings to so that merchants are able to enable surcharging where it is allowed. The new rules will be effective based on the merchant’s country legislation and it is the merchant’s responsibility to follow the new rules for surcharging.
      • Netaxept Admin: In "Issuer fees" tab, there is a new drop-down list "Card product type" which indicates whether the cards for which the fee setting is created are private or corporate. Also, there are new values "EU/EEA" and "Outside EU/EEA" in the "Card country".
      • API Register call: Check the latest specifications of parameters "CardOrigin" and "CardProductType" under the "paymentMethodActionList".