Gift cards

Adding customer loyalty with gift cards


The Giftcard service implements a new Web Service access point, Giftcard.svc, and two new data objects, BBS.EPayment.Giftcard.Contracts.Request, BBS.EPayment.Giftcard.Contracts.Response and the fault contract Giftcard.Contracts.GiftcardError.

The only operation available in the Giftcard interface is the GetBalance-call.

Response GetBalance(Request request);

The complete access address to the service is: (TEST) (PROD)

Input: BBS.EPayment.Giftcard.Contracts.Request

The Request-object has two fields, both are mandatory:

AccountNumber (numeric) and SecurityCode (numeric)

Output: BBS.EPayment.Giftcard.Contracts.Response

The Response-object has the following structure:

Amount (string); the balance available formatted as a Norwegian amount.

An array of BalanceItems. This is currently not populated, but will be added in the future.