Call Centre


If you want to process call centre transactions, you have two options how to do it via Netaxept. Please be reminded that in most cases you need to have a special agreement with your chosen aqcuirer in order to use call centre service type.

  1. Manually enter the card data in Netaxept Admin's Call Centre page. In this case card data won’t be registered in any system outside the source. Read more about Netaxept Admin
  2. Make API integration towards Netaxept. In this case card data is transmitted and stored in your systems so you need to implement your solution according to all PCI DSS requirements.

PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) is a standard created by the card schemes. It requires merchants, payment service providers (like Nets) and card acquirers, to implement solutions that will secure the consumer's card data during a payment transaction, and when saved in a database. Such a solution needs to be validated yearly by external PCI DSS inspectors, at the costs of the ones hosting the solution. If you have more questions about PCI DSS, please contact your chosen card acquirer.


Transaction flow

When implementing call centre via API, the basic payment flow goes as follows.

  1. Start the payment process by sending the Register call to Netaxept, and set serviceType=C to let us know you will be running call centre transaction. Add also card data to CardInfo element and send it along the Register call to Netaxept. Read more about the Register call
  2. Since card data was provided already in Register call, you can skip the Terminal phase.
  3. After the successful registration, make the financial operation, like authorization (AUTH) or authorization & capture (SALE), to the transaction by using the Process call. Read more about the Process call