We have introduced all-new website for Netaxept technical documentation. This new website includes comprehensive integration documentation and API reference.

The new site can be found at https://developers.nets.eu/netaxept/en-EU/docs/

This site will no longer be maintained, but will stay live for a while for forwarding purposes.


Payment window

Various payment windows for smooth checkout


Checkout is essential part of your customers' shopping experience, so we want to offer you various payment windows to choose from. Our payment windows are localised into more than 15 languages and can be highly customised and optimised for different platforms and devices making the buying experience seamless for your customers. The look of the payment window changes with number of payment methods available, language chosen and customization done. If card payment is in question, from this payment window your customer is directed to the 3D Secure authentication before the payment can be authorized.

When the payment window is hosted by Netaxept, you don't need to process and store card data in your systems, and can thus minimize PCI DSS requirements for this part. Instead, card data is stored in a safe and PCI certified environment at Nets and removed at the end of the life cycle according to PCI DSS requirements.

When implementing a payment window, we suggest you to avoid frames including iFrames, especially if your site is not HTTPS. Instead of using frames, we strongly encourage you to use our terminal design templates that will handle any form of formatting that might be needed, making the payment window indistinguishable from any other page in your website. Frames are not recommended because:

  • Decrease of sales since customers might be worried to pay over unencrypted channel (phishing suspected).
  • Password-based 3D Secure ACS servers won’t work in a frame because of click-jack attack protection.
  • Reloading of the page might lose the initial transaction source URL, forcing customer to prepare an order again (for example, might be a problem when selling tickets with reserved seats).


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