Get card information 



The GetCardInformation call can be used to retrieve information about the card used for the transaction. It is supported for all cards. Netaxept then returns detailed information concerning the card, such as Issuer country, card type, card country code, card country name and card product type. The GetCardInformation call can be used for example to apply surcharging logic for saved card details when processing subsequent payments. When the customer is about to checkout with the saved card details, merchant can retrieve the detailed information about the given card and based on that assign and display a fee to the subsequent payment.

If the GetCardInformation call is sent after the Register call, but before the Terminal call, Netaxept throws the GenericError with message "No card Information". The GetCardInformation call can be used for cards originally saved in Netaxept. If the card details have been imported from another PSP to Netaxept, retrieving all card details may not be possible.

The input data is organized into a GetCardInfoRequest, and the output data is formatted as a GetCardInfoResponse. Example of the REST GetCardInformation call and the corresponding response can be found in the "Sample code" section.


API call


Please note that Server Name Indication (SNI) is required when connecting to Netaxept test environment URL

Web Services

GetCardInfo (string merchantId, string token, GetCardInfoRequest request) -> GetCardInfoResponse


Input parameters

Available input parameters in the GetCardInformation are listed below. Please see proper validation rules at the “Validation” section.


Authentication (Required)

Merchant ID

REST: merchantId

WebServices: merchantId


Validation: Numeric

MaxLength: 8

Unique ID generated by Nets for identifying each merchant in Netaxept. You need to send this ID to Netaxept along all API calls. Test accounts may have a maximum length of 8 digits, while production accounts has a maximum length of 6 digits.



REST: token

WebServices: token


Validation: Reference

MaxLength: 32

Shared secret between the merchant and Netaxept that is used to authenticate the merchant and is provided to you by Netaxept.


At least one of the following parameters needs to be specified: maskedpan, panHash or transactionId.

Transaction ID

REST: transactionId

WebServices: transactionId


Validation: Reference

MaxLength: 32

Unique ID identifying each transaction within the Merchant ID in Netaxept at any point. Transaction ID used in this call needs to match the Transaction ID used with the Register call.


Masked PAN

REST: maskedPan

WebServices: maskedPan


Validation: Numeric

MaxLength: 19

First 6 digits (can be entered also more) of the card number used for this transaction.



REST: panHash

WebServices: PanHash


Validation: Base64

MaxLength: N/A

Token value used in subsequent transaction to identify the transaction.

It is independent of the PAN and is not considered as a hash value. It is the merchant's responsibility to store tokens in a secure way and restrict access to data on a need to know basis. The merchant undertakes not to store tokens on a frontend system exposed to the internet or directly on mobile devices.


Output parameters

Available output parameters in the GetCardInfoResponse are listed below.


REST: issuer

WebServices: issuer


Validation: Alpha

MaxLength: 32

Indicates which payment method was used for the transaction.

Please see the valid payment methods at the Register call page, in the "Payment Method Action List" => "PaymentMethod" parameter.


Card type

REST: cardType

WebServices: cardType


Validation: Alpha

MaxLength: N/A

Type of the card used for the transaction. Valid values are:

  • Debit
  • Credit


Card country code

REST: countryCode

WebServices: countryCode


Validation: Numeric

MaxLength: 3

Numeric code for the country where the card used for the transaction was issued, following ISO 3166-1. For example: “246” for Finland and “752” for Sweden.


Card country name

REST: countryName

WebServices: countryName


Validation: Alpha

MaxLength: 2

Country where the card used for the transaction was issued, following ISO 3166-1 Alpha 2 code. For example: "NO", "SE", "DK", "FI".


Card product type

REST: cardProductType

WebServices: cardProductType


Validation: Alpha

MaxLength: N/A

Product type of the card used for the transaction. Valid values are:

  • Private
  • Corporate


Card origin

REST: cardOrigin

WebServices: cardOrigin


Validation: Alpha

MaxLength: N/A

Origin of the country where the card used for the transaction was issued. Valid values are:

  • Domestic
  • International
  • EU/EEA
  • Outside EU/EEA



REST: brand

WebServices: brand


Validation: Alpha

MaxLength: N/A

Brand of the card used for the transaction. Returned only if present in the Netaxept BIN file.


Exceptions and response codes

If something goes wrong when communicating between your system and Netaxept or in the middle of the payment process, Netaxept declines the transaction and returns an exception. All exceptions are wrapped in the outer Exception tag, with an Error tag inside. The type (xsi:type) of the Error tag indicates which exception it is. In most cases, the exception includes the error code indicating the error, as well as an error message explaining the code. The GetCardInformation call can throw the following exceptions. Read more about exceptions > and response codes >

  • AuthenticationException
  • GenericError
  • ValidationException