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To implement Netaxept.
Click the link below to find the technical implementation guide:
Netaxept Technical Implementation Guide

According to Netaxept agreement we provides  4 hours of implementation assistance.
Further assisted Implementation assistance will be invoiced.

PCI / PCI-approved.

PCI (Payment Card Industry) is a safety  standard that the card companies have introduced as requirements for web shops, to reduce fraud.

Netaxept is PCI approved. Shops, which will design the payment dialogue itself must also be PCI-certify themselves. If you use the
Nets' payment terminal, approval will be granted.

Contracts with terms and prices


Agreements on the use of Netaxept: Danish. English.
Terms of Netaxept: Danish. English.
Price List 2014 Danish.

Have you Frequently asked of a technical nature to Netaxept, you can contact our support

 Phone 88777013 yet. 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. or by e-mail


Do you already have Netaxept in test or production., Please provide us with your Merchant-Id.