ECR Integrations

In addition to standalone payment terminals Nets also offers solutions for electronic cash registers (ECR's). Integrated solution means that customer servant uses the ECR system that guides payment terminal and prints out receipts.

In case you already have ECR system and would like to include payment terminal, you need to contact your ECR supplier so you can get more information of payment terminal models. If you want to get ECR we are happy to help and tell you more about the integrators we are currently working with.

For Integrators

Nets offers for integrators competitive payment terminal solutions for different ECR systems. We are in charge of payment terminal solution development, we make sure all certificates are up to date, operations and local support services.

With simple solution you can guide payment terminals in all Nordic countries and accept payments in local currencies, no matter what bank the end-user has chosen. Interfaces support typical Windows solutions and Citrix, Java and Android and Cloud based solutions. Commands can be transferred via USB, Open Bluetooth or via IP-address.

Nets Nordic platform is same for attended and unattended payment terminals and it is compatible with Nets' e-Commerce solution (Netaxept). Merchant can get overall view transactions received on shop and online. Transactions are being reported in Merchant Portal where full transaction details can be transferred to other solutions as well.

We offer multiple Loyalty and Information Services and advanced functions for our integrated terminals for example tokenisation, loyalty cards, tip, pay@table-solution, quasi-cash and so on.

Ask more from our sales team: (09) 755 263 40, and we will tell you more about advantages of choosing Nets and help you set up test environment.

iPP350 contactless payment terminal

Our most popular payment terminal for integrated use is fast and ergonomic iPP350. Its big buttons and color screen make payments easy and convinient. Contactless payment options makes it effortless to pay for small purchases and enables mobile solutions. Pin shield brings more security and iPP350 is so small that it is easy to set up on the desk.

We have certified iPP350 payment terminal to be used across Nordics. It fills all security certificates in the Nordic region and makes it possible to route transactions to all parties.

Ingenico is the biggest payment terminal manufacturer globally and Nets its biggest distributor in Europe.