Chinas most popular payment card accept now in Finland too

UnionPay payment card found from the pocket of over 330 million Chinese people

Chinese UnionPay payment card is starting to be accepted payment method also in Finnish shops now that Nets is offering possibility to accept UnionPay transactions. UnionPay is after Visa and MasterCard 3rd most popular payment card globally and it has over 330 million users.

"UnionPay has globally huge amount of users, 3 times more than for example American Express. UnionPay can be found approximately every 3rd Chinese persons pocket." Sami Toivonen from Nets explains.

60 000 Chinese tourists coming to Finland

Around 50 to 60 000 Chinese tourists arrive to Finland yearly. According to recent statistics the amount of nights these tourists spend in Finland grew last year from January to September around 45 percent.

"Many chinese tourists visit during their stay Helsinki and Lapland. At this point UnionPay can be used for example in Helsinki-Vantaa Airport's Duty Free shops. But I believe many companies will start to accept the card quickly." Sami Toivonen analyses.

According to Finpro many Chinese traveller uses during their stay in Finland around 620 euros, when Russian tourists spend around 270 euros.

"Even though many Chinese travellers have also Visa or MasterCard, Chinese government has set currency regulations for the use of these cards. Thats why many use their own national payment card rather than international brands. Accepting UnionPay is huge competitive advantage for many shops and merchants." Sami Toivonen thinks.

For more information contact:

Sami Toivonen
Senior Commercial Manager, Nets Oy
040 532 5002