Additional Applications

Additional Applications

Multibank and multiple users

When same business location has multiple entrepreneurs, for example hair salon, it is very handy to use one payment terminal in one location. Multibank makes it possible to receive payments to everyone's own bank account, it is possible to personalise receipts and categorize reports. One payment terminal can have 10 different users.

When user is using Multibank, they just choose their own sales identifier. With this identifier it is possible to route payments to right account and classify reports.

Same applications can be used also in companies where many different users use same payment terminal and reporting needs to be categorized.

Support for UnionPay cards

UnionPay is payment card issued by Chinese banks and it is the most commonly used card in China. The amount of Chinese tourists in Finland is highly increasing, so now is the right time to offer them possibility to pay with their card. This way you can offer better customer experience and increase your sales.

You need to make separate agreement to receive UnionPay cards, with this same agreement you can also receive JCB-cards.


Pre-authorization reserves certain sum of money from customer account to make sure funds are available until the physical payment is being done. This lowers risks especially in hotels, car rentals and with customized products.

Pre-authorization can be done via payment terminal, online or in phone sales. It is possible to charge card no matter if pre-authorization was done on payment terminal or online. It is also possible to increase pre-authorization sum if customer for example extends their stay in the hotel. Pre-authorization will turn into transaction when card is being charged but card do not need to be present. Pre-authorization and transaction can also be done in different locations.


Businesses which are visited by tourists might want to offer card payments with multiple currencies. This way card owner can pay with their own currency. With Nets payment terminal you can offer payments with following currencies: EUR, SEK, NOK, DKK and GBP.


It is possible to set tipping function to payment terminal. With this function customer can choose to tip waiter while paying for the services. It is possible to make this in two different ways: either customer can choose which amount is charged from the card and the terminal will calculate the tip. Or customer can add tip to the total amount of invoice and payment terminal calculates how much is being charged from the card.

Pay@Table solution

Our Bluetooth payment terminals which are integrated with restaurant's payment system make it possible to pay invoices straight in the table. Pay@Table creates better customer experience and saves time since waiter can get invoice straight from payment terminal and finalize transaction in the table without having to walk to cash register.

Payment terminal prints out breakdown of the invoice, so that it can be divided by customers or it can be combination of cash or lunch vouchers and payment cards.


It is possible to choose references from eight different options / formats. By default the reference send out by acquirer is being used.

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