Union Pay

Receive UnionPay cards in your shop


UnionPay is payment card issued by Chinese banks and it is most commonly used card in China. UnionPay cards have been issued over 1 billion and it is 3rd biggest payment card brand in the world.

Amount of Chinese tourist in Finland is increasing and now is right time to offer them the option to pay with their own national card. This increases your service level and creates more sales. According to our expertise payments done with UnionPay card are higher than what is done with global card brands.

UnionPay logo in your shop's window sends out message that it is easy for Chinese tourists to do shopping in your store and it won't be missed by tourist guides either.

To be able to receive UnionPay transactions you need Nets Payment Terminal with our Nordic software solution. All transactions done with UnionPay will be shown in Merchant Portal just like all other payment card transactions.

UnionPay agreement as part of Nets' Visa/MC agreement will give you the possibility to accept also Japanese JCB cards. To start receiving UnionPay transactions now, call our Sales team: 09 - 755 263 40.

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