Key Features

Safety of card payment above all

Nets payment terminals are designed to fulfill all of the latest safety regulations now and in the future. Nets has qualification from all Nordic banks so as Nets customer you can choose your acquirer freely.

Operations across Nordics

Customers who want to extend their business across Nordics can get all payment services and products from Nets with local support. You can view your reports centrally regardless of currency.

Modern payment experience

Nets' payment terminals are light and fast to use with modern design. Every day usage has been optimized within the terminal design from both customers and merchants point of view. Our hardware distributor Ingenico is one of the largest payment terminal manufacturers and Nets is Ingenico's most important partner in the Nordic region.

Pre-installed with customer information

Payment terminals are delivered pre-installed and terminal is ready to use. Nets' customer support will maintain payment terminal settings, such as cards accepted by the terminal and receipt information, and is ready to change information when contacted. As Nets' customer you don't need to maintain any settings.

Mobile payments with best connections

3G Payment terminals are pre-installed with data connections without any limitations in the usage. You don't need separate agreement with operator and invoicing will end when you stop using the terminal. Our payment terminals are the only ones in the market area which use connections regardless of operator and they always choose best available connection. This ensures that payments are always done as fast as possible and without any gaps.

Contactless payments are here

All Nets payment terminals are equipped with contactless payment option which makes payments faster than before. In case you do not wish to offer this option for you customers it can easily be switched off.

Instant transactions

All card payment transactions are sent to our servers as they are being made. This means that all transactions are always secured, even if terminal breaks down. Nets oversees and makes sure that all transactions are being send to banks and card companies. You do not need bank keys or service numbers anymore.

Information of daily sales

When sales person who is using the terminal is ending their shif, they can print out report of all of the sales they have done during the business day. Even if they do not want to end the daily sales. Summary can be done when ever and it does not affect transmission of transactions.

Advanced reporting services

In our reporting service you can get information of all of your transactions and you can even track down single transactions. You can order login information for your accounting company as well, this way they can log daily sales without any unnecessary paper work.

Automatic updates

Nets updates payment terminal softwares automatically. This way you always have the latest software version and support for newest payment cards.

Technical Support

Nets offers technical support also during weekends. Our local support teams help you personally via phone and e-mail in all questions related to payment terminal usage.

Swap Service

In case your payment terminal breaks down Nets will send new terminal to your location in 8 hours since you have reported the break down (during business day). You have no need to send your terminal to maintenance. You can also always change your terminal to new one when payment terminal models change, even during your contract period. We will always transfer your information to the new terminal.

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