Prepaid cards

Adding customer loyalty with gift cards


This page outlines the basics of using prepaid cards via Netaxept and gives you instructions needed for a fluent implementation.

Nets Prepaid card is a payment solution which is a card storing a set value of money, also called as gift card, used for customers to pay for purchases at merchant webshop. When activating prepaid cards, you can allow your customers to pay purchases in your webshop with a prepaid cards onto which money has been loaded.

Business features and restrictions

When using prepaid cards via Netaxept, please note the following features and restrictions.

  • Available for merchants in Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland.
  • Supported payment currencies are DKK, NOK, SEK and EUR.
  • Prepaid cards are not supported in single page terminal or Custom template.
  • Only one-off payments are supported, not recurring payments.
  • Prepaid cards are considered non-refundable so the Process(credit) call is not supported.


Nets handles the activation of prepaid cards and can also configure your merchant so that you are able to test prepaid cards in the test environment. Contact Netaxept Customer Support for your country for more information.

Setting up Netaxept integration with prepaid cards

Implement the technical API in accordance with the standard Netaxept API instructions. Read more about API

Transaction flow

When the customer is shopping online and is moving to the payment phase, send the Register call to Netaxept. Depending on your technical API implementation, the payment method will be selected either in your webshop site or in Netaxept payment window.

  • If the customer chooses the payment method in your webshop site, include "NetsPrepaidCard" in the Payment method action list element in the Register call.
  • If the payment method is selected in Netaxept payment window, "Prepaid card" option is displayed in the payment window together with your other supported payment methods.

After the successful Register call, perform the Terminal call to send the customer to the Netaxept payment window. When customer chooses to pay with prepaid card, Netaxept inguiries the card balance from the prepaid backend system and displays the balance amount on card in the payment window for the customer.

  • If transaction amount is less than the card balance amount, customer can enter their prepaid card number and click pay to complete the transaction.
  • If transaction amount is higher than the card balance amount, then payment window will prompt a message to use another payment method to pay the remaining amount. This is called split transaction and will be explained below in more detail.

After the Terminal phase, perform the Process(Sale) call to debit the amount from the prepaid card. Refunds are not supported for prepaid cards.

Split transactions

The customer can pay the single purchase with 1 or multiple (as many as they want) prepaid cards and one payment card. The only rule being that the prepaid cards need to be used first.

Customer will always see in the Netaxept payment window how much money they have on their prepaid card. If customer has entered the prepaid card number which has the balance amount less than the transaction amount, payment window will prompt a message that the balance is below the purchase amount and the remaining amount can be paid by using another payment method by clicking "Next" in the payment window. This other payment method can be another prepaid card or a payment card.

When customer has clicked "Next", they are directed to select either another prepaid card or a payment card as a second payment method option. After this is done, customer is directed again to the payment window to enter card details. If also the second payment option is prepaid card and it has the balance amount less than the remaining transaction amount, payment window will again prompt a message that the balance is below the purchase amount and the remaining amount can be paid by using another payment method by clicking "Next". The process will then continue as described above. Once the remaining amount is fully paid, the Terminal call response will be OK. After this, you need to perform the Process(Sale) call which will process all the split (child) transactions created during the Terminal phase.

You can view the split transaction details in Netaxept Admin portal by clicking the prepaid logo to see the child transactions and the History tab to see the transaction amounts for child transactions. You can also run the Query call to fetch the child transaction details.

Balance call

The gift card service implements a new Web Service access point, Giftcard.svc, and two data objects:

  • BBS.EPayment.Giftcard.Contracts.Request
  • BBS.EPayment.Giftcard.Contracts.Response

Besides these, there is a fault contract Giftcard.Contracts.GiftcardError. The only operation available in the Giftcard interface is the GetBalance call.

The complete access to the service is: