Merchant Portal

Merchant Portal

All transactions received by Nets's payment terminals with Nordic software and with Netaxept solution can be reported in Merchant Portal. When customer orders payment terminal Nets will deliver user log in information with the terminal.

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Main features of Merchant Portal:

  • Service collects all information of payment terminal, e-commerce and phone sales transactions
  • Service can report all different currencies and it includes all card types that are being used in the Nordic region
  • Reports can be created by time, card type, currency or by location, one time transactions can also be looked up by amout spent or by card number
  • Reports and transactions can be viewed via browser
  • Transaction amounts and their development are available in graphs

Premium-version includes:

  • Admind user can maintain all users and set up user rights, for example shop manager can see transactions per shop and accounting department transactions per company.
  • Shops and payment terminals can be grouped and named to make it easier for reporting
  • Most commonly used searches can be save as reporting templates which makes it easier to do searches
  • Transactions can be sent to other systems as XML-, Excel- or CSV-files which can be saved from the service, ordered to be sent to e-mail or use SFTP transfer.

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